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Two Quotes by: Katie Souza of Expected End Ministries

Before this anointing hit our house, I didn't believe there was any other financial increases available to us but the 30, 60 and 100 contained in Matthew 13. Yet, when you study out Deuteronomy 1:11, it says that God will make us a 1,000 times more than we are and bless us! The root of the number 1,000 there means oxen, cattle and farming which in ancient times was money! Once God revealed this to me, He then proceeded to have the number 111 show up everywhere we went. It was on my phone, the microwave, the TV and even billboards on the side of the road!
Email from XpMedia. Dated: 18th November 2015
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... {approx 2 minutes in} The wounds in our soul, the loneliness, dejection and despair. Now our spirit man is perfect right? But our soul man is not and the wounds on our soul are created by sin. Someone has sinned against you or your have sinned against yourself. Maybe its someone sitting next to you they are molesting you or verbally abusing you or maybe someone abandoned you or maybe you sinned against yourself by getting involved in drugs or alchohol either way those sins which have been committed create deep wounds inside your soul man and those wounds cause you to feel the soul pains like rejection or loneliness. Now if that was not enough because that's a lot. Because the wounds on your soul were created by sin it gives the enemy the legal right to torment you. ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th April 2010.

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