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Immediately [Jesus] told me He had set me apart for the purpose of bringing the end-time message of biblical economics to the Church. He promised He would be giving me many other startling revelations. From that day on, I would teach a very special end-time message. He also said that at the end of my teaching session the next day, I was to take an offering. He promised He would miraculously reveal Himself through this offering with unmistakable signs and wonders.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 27th May 2016.

Every day you make a choice either to sow some of your seed or to eat it. When you exercise faith and sow, you release God's law of prosperity. When you give in to your fear and eat your seed, or hide it, you release God's law of poverty.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th October 2013.
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{Jesus lived in great prosperity} Why do you need to know that? Because until you know that Jesus was prosperous, you won't be either. You may have His kindness, you may have His gentleness, you may have all His other attributes, but you'll never have His prosperity.
Sourced from an article: Was Jesus Poor? ? Believer's Voice of Victory p. 8 by John Avanzini. Dated: January 1996
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Jesus was handling big money because that treasurer He had was a thief. Now you can't tell me that a ministry with a treasurer that's a thief can operate on a few pennies. It took big money to operate that ministry because Judas was stealing out of that bag. If you have a treasurer, that means you have a lot of money.
Praise the Lord, TBN. Dated: 15th September 1988

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