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If you ask any Korean anywhere in the world right now they’ll tell you God’s name is Hananim. And its the best AKA that they could find for the Jehovah or Yahweh of the Bible. El shaddai, el Elyon theres many names of God in the Bible, they found that this was a good strategy and it ended up being, if you talk to Korean historians about the church of Jesus Christ in Corinth, I mean Korea, it was because of that strategy that God had this incredible move of God in Korea which has now seen tens of millions of people come to Jesus Christ in Koreans that live in Korea as well as the overseas Koreans.
KLHT radio on 10/7/13. Dated: 7th October 2013
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I think this is true when we go into other cultures and we talk to people that are especially from other religions and they feel like, well they have to put on. Muslims, for instance, that you have to sit on a chair in church or sit on a pew. Well, that‘s offensive to a Muslim because they never sit in the presence of God in Mosques.
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A few years ago some friends and I were contemplating how we would be able to reach indigenous peoples and we thought that what was prevalent at that time was a misconception among, within the church of God's presence here in the islands. The misconceptions that, as was expressed earlier, was that God didn't arrive until the missionaries arrived. You know, and so when we started to look at this we started to look into our culture and see what things within our culture what God had originally intended for this particular group of people, Hawaiians.
Sourced from an article: leon Siu, Aloha Ke Akua, "Word to the World" by Danny Lehmann, KLHT 1040 radio in Honolulu, HI by . Dated: 2001
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