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Five Quotes by: Nate Johnston of Everyday Revivalists, Gold Coast, Australia

The fear looming is not as intimidating as it looks. It's the desperate attempts of an enemy that has lost its grip on your family's destiny, because REVIVAL HAS COME! ... Today, I encourage you to rebuke that fear. Get un-yoked from its deathly grip and begin to prophesy over your future and you will feel your feet begin to move again, your heart begin to dream again, and those destiny doorways in your path will reveal themselves.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd June 2018.
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There is a movement arising from the Golden State of justice carriers that will counteract the darkness and RESTORE the land. New songs will be written and sung as anthems over this land: "California, California, this is your time of awakening and FRUITION of promise!" ... This is an important Kairos time for revelators of all kinds of expressions to release the ground shaking, wall breaking, reformational revelation they are incubating.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 25th May 2018.

Just recently in worship I kept hearing the Lord say to me, "It's the anointing of Zerubbabel I am releasing!" ... This anointing being released right now is leading this nation out of captivity, out of imprisonment and out "from under" the oppression of principalities and demonic powers that seek to enslave it. ... We are coming into the greater glory that has no end and no limitations, where we will no longer be looking for a cloud, we will be living under the cloud.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 8th May2017.

But with all that said, there has been another war we have stepped into as the year began it's the war against you, the new breed rising, and for what you have in your possession. Why have you been under assault? Let me share what I believe are key reasons you are a threat and what God is calling you to. ... You are dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, and it's your natural instinct to snuff it out; but when you step into your shoes and understand what you were born for, you become potent like a lion with its prey in its sight, ready to pounce. ... We are anointed as God's chosen ones to walk out our assignment and there is no greater threat to the enemy than sons and daughters knowing who and whose they are and walking out their divine assignment on this earth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th February 2017.

Recently I had an encounter with the Lord where I found myself walking through the basement floors of a house that I recognized to be His house. It felt like a fortress, safe and secure, but I knew I was there for something specific. I then came up to a corridor where many people stood waiting for something. As I approached them I saw this beautiful, old, wooden door or vault with metal inlay set into it, and I knew these people were waiting for whatever was behind this door.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 25th July2016.

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