John Wimber Quotes

Six Quotes by: John Wimber of Vineyard Christian Fellowship deceased 17th November 1997.

The Pope's a...real born-again, evangelical charismatic....
Sourced from a tape: Former Vineyard pastor, John Goodwin, "Testing the Fruit," Tape 2 (Toronto, Canada, Apr. 1997 Dated: 1997
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God has given us a vision to see the body of Christ move from being an inactive audience to a Spirit-filled army . . . God is about to unloose a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit of an unprecedented magnitude . . . He is looking for individuals who will be 'dread champions' for his cause.
Book: by Clifford Hill et al. entitled: Blessing the Church? p132 Published: 1995.
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{When warned that Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones was immoral} We know, that is why we only let him pray for leaders!
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There is something higher than being a {Denomination} and that is to be the end time army and involved in this greater prize of bringing everything on earth and above the earth and below the earth to the feet of Jesus.
Docklands, England 1990 conference. Dated: 1990
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Those in this army will have the kind of anointing this kind of power anyone who wants to harm them must die.
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{On Calvary Chapel} Calvaryites are sometimes a little too heavily oriented to the written Word.
Book: by Stephen F. Cannon entitled: Healing: An Introductions, Published: no date given.
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