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One Quote by: N T Wright of Church of England Ex Bishop of Durham 2003 -2010.

To suggest, therefore, that as Christians we should support the state of Israel because it is the fulfilment of prophecy is, in a quite radical way, to cut off the branch on which we are sitting. [... ] It is similar to the mistake of which the Reformers accused the mediaeval Catholics, of supposing that in every Mass they were actually re - crucifying Jesus, when Jesus‟ death had been once and for all, ne ver to be repeated, on Calvary. It is a way of saying that in the cross and resurrection God did not actually fulfil his whole saving purpose ; that Jesus did not in fact achieve the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy; that his resurrection was not the start of Godís new age; that Acts is wrong, Romans is wrong, Galatians is wrong, the letter to the Hebrews is wrong, Revelation is wrong. Say that if you like, but donít claim to be Christian in doing so.
http://ntwrightpage.com/Wright_Holy_Land_Today.htm. Dated: 1999
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