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Two Quotes by: Sally Mcfague of Vanderbilt University in Nashville Carpenter Professor of Theology.

As I have come to realize that we all live and move and have our being in God, the names of each person, species, creature, and element are superimposed over God’s name. God is reality; God is the source of reality of each of us. Panentheism seeing the world as in God–puts God’s “name” first, but each of our names are included and preserved in their distinctiveness within the divine reality.
Book: by Sally Mcfague entitled: Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology And Economy For A Planet In Peril (LA): Published: 2001.
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In ways that have never before been so clear and stark, we have met the enemy and know it is ourselves. While the wholistic, planetary perspective leads some to insist that all will be well if a "creation spirituality" were to replace the traditional "redemption spirituality" of the Christian tradition, the issue is not that simple. It is surely the case that the overemphasis on redemption to the neglect of creation needs to be redressed: moreover, there is much in the common creation story that calls us to a profound appreciation of the wonders of our being and the being of all other creatures. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that such knowledge and appreciation will be sufficient to deal with the exigencies of our situation.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2-9th January 1991.

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