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Ten Quotes by: Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer (IHOP) Ex-Kansas City Prophet.

I want this book to be the manual for IHOP–KC. [Fire-Within by Father Thomas Dubay - A book on Roman Catholic Mystics]
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 30th July 2011.

Allegiance to Jesus and loving the truth are primary truths (2Thessalonians 2 v10). The Body of Christ must tolerate all religions in the sense of greatly valuing the dignity of their people and religious liberties. They possess great dignity before God. Yet, we are not willing to let them go to hell by refusing to love them and tell them the truth about Jesus. A false application of tolerance is foundational in the movements that lead to the harlot religion.
http://cds053.lo1.hwcdn.net/b8k7w4a8/cds/doc/11-_Allegiance_to_Jesus-Resisting_the_False_Justice_Movement.pdf. Dated: 31st December 2009

The church generation in which Jesus returns will actively participate in this revolution. ... My premise: Many people alive today will see this revolution in their lifetime.
http://cds057.da1.hwcdn.net/b8k7w4a8/cds/doc/20081228_The_Coming_Eschatological_Revolution.pdf. Dated: October 2008
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The foolish took their lamps, but took no oil (pursued ministry as their priority over getting oil). The wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps (pursued oil as their priority before ministry). At the dark midnight hour of history, the Spirit will raise up forerunners who cry out that Jesus is coming as a Bridegroom God and that we must go out to meet Him (make the necessary effort to encounter Him). They all slept which speaks of living in context to the natural processes of life.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 9th November 2007.
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The Protestant wing of the western church, which is a tiny percentage of the Body of Christ is nearly completely (98%) unaware that the Holy Spirit is restoring contemplative prayer—center stage—to the church… The Holy Spirit is restoring this precious jewel [contemplative prayer] to the body of Christ. This is the God ordained means of attaining the fullness of God.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: September 2002.

I ask that this one thing, your church would gaze on the, the beauty of the Lord, I ask that you would awaken the hardened lost. I ask you to fascinate your church with the revelation of the beauty of Jesus. Come and release lovesickness for Jesus. Come and unlock the fountains of the hearts, now, Lord, by the river of fire, by the Holy Spirit, by the spirit of revelation. Let us see what the Seraphim see. Let us be awestruck by the beauty of the God-man. In the name of Jesus we ask that.
National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing - The Prophetic Office. Dated: 11th May 2002
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Almost every Spirit filled believer is able to prophesy on an inspirational level.
Book: by Mike Bickle entitled: Spread The Fire p 9 Published: October 1995.

Christ is the Alpha and we are the Omega.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1989.
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God intends us to be like gods, he intends us to be like the Son of God. ... God has conceived in His heart of a plan to make a race of men that would live like gods on the Earth. He has conceived in His heart to have Sons that would live like His Son, the Lord Jesus lived... That we were to be on earth the extension and manifestation of God's life in heaven.
http://www.apologeticsindex.org/r06a06.html. Dated: no date given
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Everybody is called to live in the contemplative lifestyle. Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! That’s one of the great strongholds we have to overcome {resistance to contemplative prayer}.
Audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle. Dated: no date given
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