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Sixteen Quotes by: Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic

Another meaning of the word dunamis is that it is the power to create wealth. It is the power and influence which comes with wealth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th September 2016.

On January 31 at 5:55 a.m. during a time of prayer, devotion, and preparation for our Shiloh service, where I was going to share my Sunday morning message titled "There's Revival in the Air", I had a heavenly encounter. Here is the account: ... I was on a moving golden ladder/stairway ascending into Heaven. The Lord's voice spoke: "I am taking you to new levels." (This was interesting to me because I had just finished teaching a two-day mentoring seminar called "New Levels of Intercession".) I arrived in the heavenly dimension and felt "weightless" Ė very light and without burden. The Lord's voice spoke: "I will show you things that you know not."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 31st January 2016.

God is moving powerfully in and amongst children in this hour. You will see MANY children raised up to preach, heal, prophesy, move in miracles, signs and wonders. Numbers of young children will be visited by the Lord in areas of "Divine Intelligence" and many will go to the mission field at an early age.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st October 2014.

A move of the Spirit of God is coming to the Catholic Church. The youth in particular will be ignited with a fresh fire of zeal and passion for Christ and His Gospel. A radical company of Believers will arise in the Catholic Church during this move, and they will release a flow of God's love and truth into the nations.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1st October 2013.

I have such a witness in my spirit that God is releasing entrepreneur giftings. He is and you might be receiving one. I have seen it everywhere, there's stirrings of ideas, creativity in people's minds. There's going to be new businesses and new inventions born because God's bringing his Holy Spirit upon them. There's a real lot of oil on it.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th November 2011.
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Get ready for RESTORATION. God has loosed Angels of Restoration in this season. They are dispatched to serve Believers ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 13th July 2011.

I see someone who is an adult now, but when you were a child you actually had a seer anointing and you used to see into the realm of the supernatural. It was the realm of the invisible kingdom of God. You saw things on that dark side and things on God's side and you were put down for your seer ability and so you shut it down.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st April 2011.

[2.04] There are special messages which are going to be downloaded because we are engageing in a brand new era. Not just a new season but a new era. An era is a long period of time and so we are starting a new era. It's a spiritual era. It's going to be an era where spiritual phenomena, spiritual visitations from God, miracles are going to accelerate in this next era, not only by God but also on the dark side as well. So we need to walk carefully with God in this hour. Get ready for increase, accelerated messages from the heart of God to you. These messages will come directly to you by the Holy Spirit, maybe through the scriptures but possibly through messenger angels.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th March 2011.

Hello there. I want to talk to you about the subject of the prophetic day. And I'm going to pray for you because you are going to prophesy and it's already been prophesied you are coming to a holy level. I want you on a new level. The reason I say that is because I am getting a word from the Lord right now because of the urgency of the hour to release the word of God into the earth, like never before and I literally see a raining from heaven of the seed of the word of God coming into the earth that is going to er er grow and grow fruit in the earth. The Lord is looking for people that he can put his word in, that, who will make decrees of his word in the earth so that he has a landing strip to move upon ...
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{at 5.56 mins. in} ... I've recently written a book called: The Bride Makes Herself Ready and it's about the preparation of the body as a bride to meet the bridegroom You know, he is expecting to come back for a people who are completely set apart for him that are righteous in their ways as he is righteous but they are also moving in heaven's power, heaven's dominion just like Jesus did ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: April 2010.

When I met the angel of prosperity, the Lord says, ĎThis angel ministers my Kingdom prosperity. I am letting that angel serve you now, and Iím, Iím giving you a blessing, an authority, to minister prosperity, Kingdom prosperity, to those I lead you to, and to specific ministries.í ... Well, when I got home from that particular tour, after ministering the prosperity, on my sofa was this great big mint green-colored feather. I donít know where it came from. It was a sign from God, though. I find the humor of God something else. Isnít it neat that He would send a prosperity angel with the color mint-green? Because, as we know, the mint sometimes speaks of the place where money is kept. But, it was, it was mint green.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th March 2010.
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I saw "angels of creativity" being loosed to come alongside of chosen vessels. Every dimension of media is going to explode with creativity and with favor. I also saw a specific company of angels being dispatched to bring in the provision and wisdom needed to spread the media.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 28h July 2010.
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I had a spiritual encounter. In this encounter, I could feel myself soaring like an eagle, looking towards the sun while in flight. Eagles (often biblical symbols of the prophetic in the natural) have an extra membrane over their eyes that other birds do not have. This allows them to look directly into the sun without any damage to their vision. As I gazed at the sun, I could feel myslf being drawn towards the center and then I saw it - the blue flame. It was so beautiful, I could feel its strength and its passion may we gaze mmm the fiery love of God. Let us prepare to receive revelation into the deep mysteries of God.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 8th October 2008.

And I was so happy when I saw everything break out {speaking of the Todd Bentley revival} and yet at the same time I was in difficulty to see all the division in the body of Christ and hearing all the negative words like, constantly through emails, through all kinds of media, inside church meetings Ė all of that. Itís just like negative things being preached from the pulpit and on the television and on radio stations and stuff like that. And when you speak negative words it releases dynamics in the spirit and if youíve ever been the recipient in your own natural life of people speaking negative against you you know that thereís a force which can come upon you and you have to keep praying up in order to breathe during those times. Oh I know Iíve been there and most of you have been at sometime in your life itís a very devastating force. Ö Dated: August 2008

And then to break over limits and experience increase so letís say youíve got a faith measure for a? I donít know. Letís say youíve got a faith measure for believing for a $1000 a month to come in. Well when the breaker anointing hits you, youíll break over it into increase or your faith will allow you to even double or triple that amount. I have the breaker anointing all the time when I am believing for things for our ministry because God is always giving us new vision. I thought that if we donít get the breaker anointing how will we ever break into it. We need so much increase to make that happen. So the breaker anointing whoa whoa whoa whoa ho ho ooowo. I donít often get this like this when I am doing a film show but Iím getting this right now by the breaker anointing. Whoa. But the Lord himself told me that he himself is the breaker. Whoa and Jesus is assigning a breaker angel to our ministry right now. Oh whoa whoa oh oh wow. I can feel his presence and his power right now and Iím not going to stop the camera just because this is happening because itís amazing Oh wow woe woe. Ok to break over the limit to bring the increase. I think that this is a sign from God that as a ministry we are going to break into new territory but I impart it to you who are watching right now pray woe that you break open through into new territory, its increase, abundance and multiplication over right now in the name of Jesus. ... Dated: 2nd July 2008
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A ďportalĒ is an opening (door, window, or opening). A heavenly portal or a glory portal is a heavenly opening through which Godís goodness manifests. I have seen a portal in a vision and it was a circular opening where a column of light poured down into the earth. There were angels ascending and descending. Dated: 29th June 2008
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