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One Quote by: Donna Rigney of Heart Ministries International

Jesus said: "I've got to take you some place today that you need to see so that you won't want to be there. You need to see this. And, so I went with him and I came to the top of a cliff. As I got to the cliff I started going down some stairs, there were metal rungs on a wall and so I was climbing down and as I reached my hand out I could feel the wall was so bumpy, wet, it was black there too. There was no light and hell was coming off of Jesus. It was dark and you could hear screaming and moaning and groaning and when I go into these encounters it's like I am really there. I could smell things, feel things, so it was really horrible so when I got to the bottom of the walkway once I'd climbed down the walkway that was all wet and bumpy too and what the Lord showed me was that Satan had made this part of hell from the bones and bodies of the people that are dragged to hell. That they burn them of, they burn their flesh off and literally the bottm of where I was walking they were alive. These bones were peoples bodies - they were alive. [see Luke 16:26]
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th September 2020.

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