Johnny Enlow: Omens

Gold hidden in California, enough to pay America's debts in full but cannot be dug up, and the Kentucky Derby are just two of Johnny Enlow's inventions. Why should Christians be interested in horse-racing? Johnny Enlow believes that God works through such things to reveal His will. If you are already scratching your head then scratch no more because Johnny Enlow will explain all when he says on the Elijah List here In the second leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing, another significant, prophetic message was played out before us. A horse named War of Will beat out the competition in a star-depleted event. The top 4 finishing horses of the Kentucky Derby did not run, and neither did the previously top-rated horses, Omaha Beach and Maximum Security (who we talked about after the Kentucky Derby. ... Because War of Will was horse number 1 in both races, as was, of course, his jockey, I was specifically led to Ephesians 1:11. Does God really manipulate horse races in order to speak to us? Apart from any other consideration how does a horse winning two races generate Ephesians 1:11? Why not Judges 1:11 or 2Peter 1:11 or any other 1:11?

Without beating about the proverbial bush this is to use an omen. It is specifically spoken of in scripture and we should keep away such, both in believing it or using it. Johnny Enlow is taking people down a very dangerous route.

This simply goes to demonstrate how far removed from scripture today's church has become. Why has no-one ever rebuked him for this? Or, why does the Elijah List publish such stuff? It clearly demonstrates that they totally lack discernment. But this is not to say that this is the first bad article which the Elijah List has published because it isn't. If this is the unbiblical trash with which you wish to have your ears tickled then Johnny Enlow is your man. Elijah List has published thousands of articles which blasphemously violate scripture.

It is no use hiding behind a Calvinist shroud that these people will one day be enjoying eternal life on the basis that at some point in the past they made some kind of commitment. If a true commitment was made in the past, which Calvinists believe cannot be revoked, even by God, they have now walked away from it and at the same time, walked away from God's promises. They have forfeited any claim whatsoever of that biblical promise of eternal life with Jesus Christ.

The Bible specifically speaks against the use of omens. Any supposed prophet in the Old Testament doing so would have been stoned to death. Why are modern day prophets not held accountable in some way?

If you have not already done so, then run away from all this stuff right now.

24th May 2019

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