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Three Quotes by: Randy Clarke of Global Awakening

We just want to come and bless you. We know it's God. We know what it feels like and we don't want to hinder, we want to bless, we lift you up and thought God gave me something to say about you. You know you can look at some of them {presumably he means preachers} and say: he looks a stream, he looks a root he looks like something negative but with you they can't do that, because the root goes back to Jesus Christ himself because you were a drug addict and God saved out of addiction. You were trained by the Holy Spirit as you laid out to him and so that they want to go and look at your past and look to the streams you are drawing from - it's the stream of heaven and they can't find anything negative in it and you are like a er like er not a preacher nor a preachers son say you're like Amos the prophet that God has raised up to speak to the church and to the world and God is going to use you Todd - we were praying, what we were looking for ... .
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 8th May 2008.

I believe Tommy Tenny is right in stating that wherever there has been a visitation in the past that the heavens are thin there and it is easier to receive another visitation. It is easier to punch through, so to speak, through prayer where the heavens are thin.
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God decided to throw a party for His people because they "already feel so icky about themselves.
Sourced from a tape: Catch The Fire, TAV Dated: 14th October 1994
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