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Three Quotes by: Dr Tim Early of Global Leadership Institute

There is the manifestation of the sons of God setting creation free from bondage, futility, chaos, and corruption. (Romans 8:19-26). There is Joelís Army of the Lord {Joel 2} and G.A.D. which is Godís Army of Destiny. This beloved is a predestined troop, which is coming forth. Upon this army there is a bold new sound that shall take over the earth, a symphony of instruments {1 Chronicles 25:1-3}, cords, and expressions, a harmony of voices, and a melody of prophetic songs that shall clear the air from the mass confusion that has prevailed many.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1998.

Rapture-Mania becomes a lying vanity when one focuses on an escape evacuation plan apart from the plan of God for Dominion. Rapture Ė Mania becomes for much the blessed hope of the saints, the expected and long-awaited departure of Godís people from planet earth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1998.

If you can receive the kingdom you can release the kingdom. If you can receive prayer you can release prayer. If you can receive the Holy Spirit you can release the Holy Spirit. Whatever you receive you can release! Now that is a kingdom principle ...
http://www.apostlesandprophets.net/teaching_documents/pdfs/Apostolic%20Impartation%20and%20Prophetic%20Activation%20for%20Destiny.pdf. Dated: 1998

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