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Four Quotes by: Marc Yaconelli of Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project

The environment can be a help or hindrance when leading kids in contemplative prayer. Set a mood that’s conducive to silence. Turn out the lights and light a candle. Go outside under the stars. Play some music that helps youth settle down. Make sure there’s plenty of space. Better yet, ask the youth to set up the room for contemplative prayer. I find that youth are very receptive to contemplative prayer, especially when led by adults who are experienced in prayer and can lead it with a sense of “lightness.”
Book: by Mark Yaconelli entitled: Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus (Youth Specialties) (Kindle Locations 2592-2596) Published: 22nd March 2011.
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I sometimes invite students to a time of prayer by asking them to focus on the very simple act of breathing…Close your eyes and simply notice your breathing ... Imagining with each in-breath that you are breathing in God’s love, and with every out-breath you are releasing every distraction, every anxiety, every tension and resistance to God.
Book: by Mark Yaconelli entitled: Downtime, Helping Teenagers Pray, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008), p. 74 Published: 2008.
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Read a short passage two or three times, listening for a particular word that seems to stand out for us, address us, disturb us, or comfort us. We receive this word as if God were picking it up and handing it to us. We then take this word and hold it within the deepest recesses of our heart. We repeat this word over and over, noticing the feelings and thoughts that come to us as we repeat this word gently within. We then allow ourselves to pray, to speak to God whatever words or feelings we have within us.
Book: by Mark Yaconelli entitled: Downtime, Helping Teenagers Pray, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008), pp. 113-114. Published: 2008.
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The aim of “spirituality”, is to feel the presence of God, to listen to His voice in a mystical experience {p. 22} … Ten years ago you would’ve been hard pressed to find a labyrinth or even a candle in a youth room … Taizé music, lectio divina, and spiritual direction were all viewed with suspicion and regarded as a return to ancient pagan practices. We’ve come a long way, baby. Now youth ministry conferences and catalogues offer labyrinth kits, scented prayer candles, and journals with orthodox icons on the cover and quotes from {mystical} classics. … It’s a recovery of the mystical dimension of the Christian Life {p. 279}.
Book: by Marc Yaconelli entitled: Growing Souls pp 278-279 Published: 1st June 2007.
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