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Seven Quotes by: Jodie Hughes of Pour It Out Ministries, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

I hear Him saying, "St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis! My glory is returning. St. Louis, you are not forgotten. This is your visitation hour, and My glory will flood your city once again. People will ask, 'What is going on in St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis?' I am calling you! I am calling you into your destiny – a gateway city of My glory. I am visiting you. I have heard your cry and I am even now sending reinforcements. My eye is upon you and My heart burns for you. Your streets will flow with light again, and a new sound will be heard across the nation from the heart of St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 27th August 2022.

As I was looking at the bookshelves, I saw Jesus walk into the library and look intently at the many books, searching for one in particular. He stepped toward the bookshelf, and I watched Jesus reach forward and pull one particular book off of the shelf. As I looked at the binder, I could clearly read the title of the book in His hand. It was called, "The Promises My People Thought I Forgot."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th April 2022.

Indeed, we, the remnant, are moving into a time of increased authority to be the CHANGE AGENTS in our spheres of influence. There are miracles, breakthroughs and transformations that ONLY we can release in our families and communities, and our authority and anointing must be utilized for GOD-CHANGE and good news bringers. ... This year we are emphatically being "sent" to be the good news in our daily lives.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 3rd February 2021.

There is a viral prophetic word many people are sharing from Bob Jones stating that: "When the Chiefs win the Super Bowl you will know that revival is about to come..." ... Bob Jones was buried on 2/22. ... These are all amazing prophetic markers to take note of. What I love most about the prophetic sign post of the Chiefs' Super Bowl win is that it shows God is still speaking in "everyone heard in their own language"
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th February 2020.
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Courage is on the rise! A new breed of daring is upon us. BE READY FOR A SPIRIT OF BOLDNESS AND MIGHT TO COME UPON YOU. ASK FOR A SPIRIT OF BOLDNESS AND MIGHT TO COME UPON YOU. You will arise in new boldness as anointed courage comes upon you for Kingdom exploits. Unprecedented harvest is breaking out and you are anointed, appointed and called into such a time as NOW. Your anointed courage is shifting history.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 27th April 2019.
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I see dark clouds part and I hear a voice that thunders and a holy rumble is released. Then, I hear a voice arising that pierces darkness. As I look, I see a bride dressed and ready—wielding a sharp, strong and effective weapon.
As I listen, I realize the weapon she wields is her voice! She is shouting, declaring, decreeing, announcing, urging. Her arms are flailing as if directing the very atmosphere and speaking forth: "On earth as it is in my Father's house!" It was evident this warrior knew her creator by name and carried the family inheritance. As she speaks, Heaven listens, and nations are awakening as hearts are stirred. As she speaks, I watch the earth transform and receive her words.

Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th January 2018.

I keep hearing in my spirit, "Choose well!" It's imperative that you make decisions that take you into destiny and that you choose to believe what God is saying to you. There's unusual weight on our decisions as they are setting us up for significant harvest now and in years to come. It's important to "reside and decide" in the glory like never before, hearing God's heart concerning your promises—not the enemy's.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th October 2017.

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