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Four Quotes by: Andrew Wommack of Andrew Wommack Ministries

And when and Eve submitted unto Satan they are the ones that empowered Satan. In a sense Man made Satan. God created Lucifer but Man made Satan. Dated: nodate given

I used this example last week, that in a sense, Satan used mankind as a hostage and said: "God if you get me you know you are going to have to destroy them also, since they willingly submitted unto me." But now God himself became one of the hostages and now God had the authority to deal with Satan and I mean Jesus destroyed, defeated Satan on every level. Satan made the huge mistake of crucifying Jesus and took him to hell and when Jesus went down into the lower parts of the earth, I mean, when he came out of hell he destroyed Satan not only here, in a physical way, he went down into the lowest parts of the earth. He defeated Satan when he came out, the keys of death and hell dangling on his side. Dated: no date given

They begged Jesus to let them into a pig and a pig has more authority than the devil because he has a physical body. A slug, a worm, a fungus has more power than, let me rephrase that, has more authority than the devil because he has a physical form. Dated: no date given

It is really appropriate to call Jesus the word because God spoke him into existence through dozens probably a hundred different people over a four thousand year period of time. The Holy Spirit took these words and impregnated Mary. Dated: no date given

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