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Four Quotes by: Joshua Fowler of Legacy Life Church Senior pastor.

I hear the Lord saying: "This is how you will stop the lie of the enemy that has stopped revival. Generations will unite and dance together, and My work will not be stopped. ... "Watch this," says the Spirit of Lord. "In the years to come, you will see [at] the very time that the enemy said he would take people out in a pandemic the history books will reflect that more children were born and there was another baby boom. Watch and see. You will read about it. In the next decade, you will read about it that this was the time that more living than dying took place." Dated: 18th October 2021

The Lord says, "These are the days of the Great Return. Yes, these are the days of the Great Return. For I will have My R.O.I., The Return On Investment, the investment I made when I sowed My Son into the earth as a seed for this harvest. ... These will be known as the days of the greatest harvest. These will be known as the days of the Great Return. For those who have turned from Me will turn to Me once again. They'll turn and they'll turn and they'll turn. They return to Me. They'll turn and come back to Me. They'll turn and they'll come back to My house. ... I'll cause these things to take place from the White House to your house. A returning, a returning to Me.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 13th April 2020.

A Day like no other, GodDay, will begin on 12-12-12. A sound will be released that will awaken a city to awaken nations. This sound of awakening shall go forth and an army of awakening shall arise in kingdom government and demonstration. Supernatural signs, wonders and miracles shall continually increase. Mass deliverance and salvation will break out in cities and regions. Places that were once dead in sin will spring forth in revival. News networks will report locally and globally about this phenomenon. Those who embrace this move will experience economic turnarounds. The very economies of cities shall be revived and awakened as they enter into My Day and embrace my righteous cause. Yes, I will favor those who favor righteousness and the righteous,
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 11th November 2012.

Todd [Bentley] the Lord has made you to be a detonator. I see cables going around the world to different nations. I see Great Britain being set ablaze by the power of the God. I see even as you go into places that God says you will go you even with the glory, like William Branham. And the Lord says you will carry a portal anointing and whatever city you go over there will be a portal. There will be a portal that will be opened up, saith the Lord. The Lord says you will detonate, and BOOM BOOM BOOM there will be a release of glory through the nations, says the Spirit of the Lord.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd June 2008.
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