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Three Quotes by: Georgian Banov of Celebration International Married to Winnie Banov.

Come to the table of unending provision, joy and satisfaction; and let us feast and eat together. Let us raise our voices in corporate agreement, "No more - It is Finished! No longer will the body of Christ suffer at the hands of these enemies." Instead we will suffer the sufferings of Christ as we birth new souls and establish His Kingdom on the earth. Let heaven and earth rejoice, as we raise our voices in righteous indignation. You and I have been invited to a never-ending love party, and we can begin partaking in it right now. Let us passionately feast on the Lamb together and unleash a greater measure of God's furious love into this world.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 4th December 2009.
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{at 4.03 minutes in} Christian faith is intertwined with Christ in such a way you can't tell them apart. You can certainly say that: faith is a person. Faith is a person. {Talk given at Manifestations of the Glory Conference 2009}
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th February 2009.
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Todd on behalf of the Eastern European nations and former Communist Countries, we want to tell you that we acknowledge and honor what’s upon you. And, we give you the keys for Eastern Europe — especially the poor, the rejected, the gypsies. And The Lord says that because you’ve loved his personal presence there are two anointings that are released on His presence and I just want to release those two anointings on you from the LORD. By the way, the Lord says ‘you are well pleasing son.’ The Father, Abba, says that to you personally. The first anointing is the anointing of the pleasure of the LORD. Surely He has borne our grief, sickness and weakness and carried our sorrow and the pain and the punishment of us all. He was considered stricken, smitten and afflicted by God; but, He was bruised for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities and chastisement that brought our peace came upon him and by His stripes we were healed and made whole.’ {Isaiah 53:4-5} And, yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him and in His presence there is fullness of joy and pleasure for evermore. And, God’s releasing his pleasure of what He did to Jesus upon you Todd. And, the second anointing that he wants to release upon you is in Psalm 45 but it’s also in Hebrews chapter one verse nine. It says, ‘Because you have loved righteousness and you have delighted in integrity and virtue and uprightness in heart and thought and action and you have hated injustice and iniquity; therefore God, your God has anointed you with the oil of exultant joy and gladness above and beyond your companions.’ We bless you.” {Todd Bentley commissioning}.
Lakeland Revival with Todd Bentley. Dated: 23rd June 2008
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