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Two Quotes by: Matt Ford of Fire It Up International Ministries

We are going to see a whole bunch of whacked out Theologians, so far into a trance that there will be no preaching, no altar calls, no announcements, but rather the Word that is in and up on them will be released in such a great measure that all those in the vicinity will be taken up into the ecstasy with them. What better way to convince an athiest that God exists than for them to be sucked out of their body and slammed into God's lap.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th December 2010.

Leme, lemme, lemme, eugh! lemme tell you about something which is impacting the planet. Eugh! Lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, err, lemme, lemme, urgh, urgh, lemme, lemme, {shows cover} Pretty! I worked on the manuscript called Trance Academy. Now this does not look like Police Academy with that Z guy. eerk! eerk! eerk! eerk! eerk! Even though our preaching does sound a little like that. eerk! ooh! glory! I am equipping people fooo! to walk continuously in the manifest presence of God. To just be in and out of poo-ouf! trances and e-e-e-ecstasy and foo! and, and, and, and raptures and you can foo-oof! you can get on onto Miracles Training dot com. This will be training eer-eer we want to equip you to live a life oof! drunk, whacked out in the glory of heaven, living in a little bubble of Jesus' love. ha! So this is going to be a two day intensive course. foo!
Book: by entitled: Published: 16th May 2010.

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