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One Quote by: Rev. Joyce McNaughton of Rejoice Ministries Inc. Missionary Evangelist.

Begin to release faith for this anointing of increase, as we did when we desired to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit or other godly pursuits. Let our daily confession be, "The spirit of increase is upon me now."
When we begin to move out in this covenant of increase, the devil and religious people will most definitely call us covetousness. But God wonít call us that. He will call us "Blessed, happy, fortunate and to be envied," the full definition of the word blessed. Don't be afraid of money, as it really does not have a "personality". It depends on who holds it, and how it is used, whether it is good or evil. In the hands of the righteous, it is good!
For many receiving this revelation of Money Cometh, the supernatural increase of wealth, they will not be able to think broke, lack or shortage from that time forward. Life will not be "normal" for them any longer because their expectation will have become much larger. And once the increase begins, it canít be stopped!

Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2006.
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