Harry R Jackson Jr Quotes

Two Quotes by: Harry R Jackson Jr of High Impact Leadership Coalition Pastor of Hope Christian Church Beltsville MD.

The Lord said that He was dealing with the white-led church and the black-led church differently at that time. He also showed me that there was coming a time when He would bring these two wings of the American Church together - implying that he would integrate the Church in a greater way than ever before. ... The Lord showed me that the white-led church was about to enter into a period of extreme chastening, followed by the black-led church experiencing the same kind of cleansing.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 3rd April 2008.

God had a dream for America. ... Godís dream is that America should be an instrument of humanitarianism wherever corruption and tyranny prevail. ... Godís dream for America, first and foremost, begins within the small unit within every house in America. ... If you want to participate in Godís dream in a greater way, I would challenge you to read a new book that I have written with Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council.
What Is God's Dream For America?. Dated: 29th March 2008

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