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Two Quotes by: John Sielski of Word to the World Ministries

I believe that our own issue of blood boils down to an issue with the Blood of Jesus, and the love of the Father that is revealed through it. We have not yet fully accepted this kind of love in our own hearts and minds. As a result, everything we see becomes skewed and distorted, even the Father's desire and willingness to have us experience true and genuine fellowship, communion and intimacy together with Him. Mercy always triumphs over, and trumps, judgment! The oil spill in the Gulf is a parallel with our own flow of blood from our secret place. We have left our First Love! If together, we will corporately reach out and begin to "touch the hem of Jesus' garment" through prayer and agreement, then we will see not only our own fountain of blood dried up, but also the ecological disaster in the waters of the Gulf remedied.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 7th June 2010.

I believe that the only sin that sends a person to Hell is the sin of unbelief. And the only sin wherein you will find yourself guilty is the very sin of which you are choosing to judge and condemn others.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2nd August 2009.

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