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Eight Quotes by: Bill Burns of Faith Tabernacle

This time is "the season of possession." Those who are possessed by the Holy Spirit will do mighty exploits against satan's kingdom and take back what has been stolen from them.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd November 2020.

The Lord says, "There is a threshold before you, and I invite you to step through without hesitation. Come boldly before the throne, for entrance has been given to you. Fear not, little ones, but come into My glory for the times of refreshing. Step through the door. I declare to you that a new door in Heaven is being opened. I have prepared and called forth and released it by My Spirit. I say to you that the only way to enter in is by the door, and you do this by faith and as you trust in Me.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 13th August 2020.
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The Spirit of the Lord has positioned us in front of the spiritual doors that prophetic motion will move us through and will reveal the pathway that will lead us into the fulfillment of our destiny.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th January 2015.

Now comes the season of the prophesied blessing. This blessing shall come upon you because you have been determined to go through. You have gone forth in battle array and you have fought the good fight of faith. You have demonstrated a remarkable perseverance in this last season. You have held fast to My word. You have used the weapons that I have given you. You have, indeed, fought the good fight of faith. And, for this reason I now come to bless you. You are about to enter into the season of great blessing that will extend beyond your wildest dreams and the imaginations of your heart. For, I come to bring My Bride in the fullness of her treasure. These are the days of the demonstration of My Kingdom, and I will demonstrate the Kingdom through you. You have believed and therefore you shall receive," says the Lord God Most Holy.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2nd April 2012.

"Go forth with great joy, for indeed these are the days of the manifestation of My Kingdom. In these days, the reality of a supernatural Church will begin to be understood in the land and will be according to My purposes," says the Lord. "It is My will for My people to live in the glory of the supernatural realm. The supernatural events that you desire to see will become a reality, which will establish you in a greater measure of faith than ever before. So, arise and come forth into Kingdom purpose," says the Lord God Almighty. Divine government will be the result of establishing the Kingdom. God's rule will begin in 2012.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 6th February 2012.

This will be the beginning of God's government becoming very, very apparent to us. The blessings of that government will come when we are living under His rule. We are equipped by those things that He gives to us and made ready to go all the way into this new thing that God is going to do.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 3rd October 2011.

The Lord told me that He was going to give us a "new centering point" to work from. This will be a new point of entrance into the supernatural realm of the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will move us and center us in a position that aligns with heavenly portals. This is much like your satellite television dish, which must be perfectly aligned with the satellite so the signal can be received. As we enter into the heavenlies through these portals, we will see more clearly into God's purposes than we ever have before. Out of the portal, experiences, visions, dreams, and prophetic words will be more revealing than ever before. We will break through into a higher spiritual order than we have known. As these portals are established, angelic visitation will occur more frequently.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th January 2010.

And, the Lord said, "I am calling you, My people, to a higher place than you have ever been before. It is a place of favor and blessings, and it is a place where My treasure is hidden. Come up here, beloved, and I will give you some of the hidden manna (revelation)." {Bill and Marsha Burns}
2008 The Year of the Open Door--I AM Calling You to a HIGHER PLACE THAN YOU HAVE EVER BEEN Before. Dated: 12th January 2008

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