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Two Quotes by: Becky Fischer of Kids in Ministry International

You personally, because you personally are a Christian, true? Yes you are. I want you to do what we have to do. You personally have to throw off this darkness {having placed a black robe over the boy}. You, personally have to take on that blood, that red robe and you personally have to put that gold one on. Can you do that? Yes, you can because that's what everyone of us has to do. So go ahead, throw off that darkness, put on the blood, bring this communion to your own life. Now, the glory has been given you but it's there until you take it and you throw it over that blood. Without that blood the glory could not be on him. {Boy struggles with robes}. Here I am going to have to hold this for you while you do it. You pick up the glory. OK! I'll hold the red on. Turn around. He has to do that himself. Just hold it around you. You have to do this yourselves kids. God will not do your homework for you. You are becoming the sons of God on the earth and the whole earth groans until the sons of God are aware, that can be aware{?}. The manifested sons of God are walking on the earth. The ones who have taken on this blood of cleansing and put on the glory, so they are in unity and the power of God is going forth. But God is not going to do it for you. This is the lesson of Christianity.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th July 2010.
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Our children were created with a deep hunger to encounter the supernatural living God. Dated: 15th May 2010

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