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One Quote by: Winnie Banov of Global Celebration Married to Georgian Banov.

I wanted to share just very simply and briefly about a priesthood, which is a priesthood of the spirit. It is a very mysterious priesthood and not preached about it in the bible. It's the priesthood of Melchisedek oowow. A priesthood of the spirit, a priesthood of mystery woooow. But it is a priesthood for everyone who is born again. Wow! The priesthood of the spirit came upon you when you were born again. whoa! So you have your DNA from a very mysterious place. yow! Firstly we have to tell about Melchisedek it's a very long story. Wow! It must always because I want to tell you everything. Wow! Genesis 14 verse 17. After his return - now we are speaking about Abram - after his return of the slaughter of the kings - the spring is very yummy today - returning from the slaughter the story is unbelievably intriguing ...
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