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Nine Quotes by: Rodney Howard Browne of Revival Ministries International

The only time the church will close is when the Rapture is taking place':
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 24th March 2020.

[1.20mins. in] So we are going to pray and you will tangibly feel that anointing on you. But I don't want any music. I want to hear the sound of the river coming from the hearts of the people. One hand in the air and the other on your belly so get ready. Father you told me years ago you said: "Son give me an opportunity to move and I will move."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th February 2019.
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There is coming a massive attack on the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement by a group of individuals that donít believe in the power of the Holy Spirit today - these men do not believe in speaking in tongues or the gifts of the spirit - they think that because of excesses in the church that they have a right to write off the fastest growing sector of Christianity - over 800 million in the earth today - that would be as bad as writing Jesus off because of one of the 12 was Judas Iscariot - if these individuals just adopted Gamalielís advice of Acts 5:38-39 that would be fine however they have no fear of God and are in grave danger of blaspheming the Holy Ghost - they think that because the movement has had scandals that have been publicised that this gives them leeway to do what they are doing - however the only reason why it gets the attention is because these individuals are on TV - everywhere I travel I hear of scandals outside of the Pentecostal charismatic realm but these are never publicised because no one knows them - they are calling their exposť strange fire however you better have the alternative if you are going to criticise something as counterfeit you have to produce the real - or else you had better shut up! The only ones who have the right to bring correction are the ones inside the camp not outside!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 28th May 2013.
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Tonight is the first night religious deadheads showed up. I can smell 'em. Religious people will never understand about God's presence ... it's not understood with the mind it; it's something grasped with the heart. ... Every living organism needs a bowel movement. [Referring to people leaving the meeting]
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As long as something is happening it really does not matter if it is of God, of man or of the devil.
Newsletter, Personal Freedom Outreach, PO Box 26062, St Louis, USA Pages 3, 4 and 5.. Dated: March 1995
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I can see some of you praying. DON'T PRAY. Pray when you get back into the car.....
Sourced from a booklet: The Toronto Blessing, No Laughing Matter, published by Old Paths Publishing House, PO BOX 126, Singapore 9155 by . Dated: 1994
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One night I was preaching on hell and laughter just hit the whole place. The more I told people what hell was like the more they laughed.
Charisma Magazine 1994. Dated: 1994
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{In July of 1979, Rodney reached a crossroads in his life....... whilst at an interdenominational prayer meeting with about eighteen young people, he cried out to the Lord:} God, either you come down here tonight and touch me, or I'm going to die and come up there and touch you.
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I'm telling you right now, you'll drop dead if you prohibit what God is doing!
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