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One of my earlier titles for this book was I’m a Universalist Who Believes in Hell. The problem is that when I say "universalist", I say it with tongue firmly in cheek ... I'm attracted to universalism insofar as it acknowledges that many of the world’s religions contain true and valuable insights. On the other hand, universalism, as it is traditionally understood, still focuses on religion as the way forward, and I do not.
Book: by Spencer Burke entitled: A Heretics Guide to Eternity p 196 Published: 2006.
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I don’t believe any single religion owns heaven or God—even a religion that tries to include everyone. When I say I'm a universalist, what I really mean is that I don't believe you have to convert to any particular religion to find God. As I see it, God finds us, and it has nothing to do with subscribing to any particular religious view ... Universalism says that a theology of grace implies salvation for all, because if grace could be limited to some people and not to others,… it is in fact no grace at all ... grace is bigger than any religion.
Book: by Spencer Burke entitled: A Heretics Guide to Eternity p 197-8 Published: 2006.
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However, the Christian tradition could hold to an inclusive model, not an exclusive one. We have a community hermeneutic. We read other sacred writings, then get back to the Scripture and decide together how to interpret what we have read from the literature that other religions hold sacred.
Book: by Gibbs and Bolger entitled: Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures, p132 Published: December 2005.
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