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One Quote by: Rev. Elaine Andres of Sacred Path Ministry

The desire for a deeper relationship with God drew me into places of formal learning and invited me to become a student of my own life. ... My spiritual path has taken me to both the deserts of pain and despair and to the mountaintops of joy. By opening myself to both pain and joy, I know a deep presence of Love and Compassion that I experience as the presence of God. Noticing Godís action in my life has been, and is, my greatest teacher. As an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), my call to ministry led me to study in the areas of contemplative and active prayer. My desire to impact the institution of the church drew me to learn methods to discern Godís will in systems and structures. ... My passion for healing led me into extensive study of Reiki, visualization, Contemplative Healing Prayer, and other forms of healing and prayer. I joyfully share my life with all who seek a deeper relationship with God, the Divine Mystery of Life.Ē
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2016.

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