Ezette van der Merwe Quotes

One Quote by: Ezette van der Merwe of Mercy Gate Ministries

Ezette call forth today's Joshua's, because I want to commission them! This day I am shifting my POWER over onto the new regime - My new leaders - the Joshua's of today. 'Moses' all my old leaders; those who were commissioned to lead My people around in the wilderness, are 'dying off'. Their time is up, therefore I need to commission today's leaders. The old regime have done their job, but their time is finally up, therefore it is time for Me to COMMISSION the new regime; those that I've been busy preparing for years now. THE TIME HAS COME to call them forth!!! I have tested them severely in the wilderness, humbling them, but have found them worthy of their next calling.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th February 2007.

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