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Last Sunday I had the honor of preaching at the rite of reception/re-installation of 7 GLBTQ Lutheran clergy in San Francisco. My denomination changed its policy in August, now allowing GLBTQ clergy to be in life-long, monogamous, publicly accountable same-sex relationships. We’ve taken the closets out of the church.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th August 2010.

An attractive girl has a good personality because it makes me think that the person he is writing about is actually a kind of smuck and he does not like her. {interpreting Psalm 45 vv5-6} So he's just kind of scraping for things like "your arrows are really sharp" {laughter} and the people around you are attractive and do you know what I mean he's scraping for compliments that might be honest. {laughter}
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See, when the Spirit guided Philip to that road in the desert I like to think she guided him to his own conversion. As he approached the chariot he may have been thinking OK…I’ll just beat him with the scripture stick until he becomes what I am comfortable with. But when Philip joined this person who sought to worship God despite his exclusion form the tent, maybe it was Philip himself who was converted to the faith. It was perhaps even a mutual conversion. Maybe because they simply asked each other questions in the desert. The only imperatives came from the Holy Spirit. Philip and the Eunuch only asked each other questions. The only commands came from God and the command was go and join. Go and join the other. What we don’t know is if the Spirit also gave the Eunuch a command to invite. Invite this nice Jewish boy – representative of all that clings to the law and rejects you from God’s house. Invite him to sit by you. Go…join…invite…ask questions. Perhaps Philip in his encounter with this gender transgressive foreigner learned what seeking the Lord looks like.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 8th June 2009.
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or alternately, to simply fk with people.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 6th June 2009.
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