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These last two significant earthquakes hit during the preparation to inaugurate Chile's new president, Sebastian Pinera. Please have everyone praying for God's glory and dominion covering over the people and the creation within the Pacific Rim, because the Lord said that it would take two months to balance out from the volatility of the shift in heavenly powers and its effect on mankind and the creation.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 11th March 2010.

I was here in Connecticut at Barnes and Nobles bookstore, and talking on the phone to a pastor friend in the Gold Coast of Australia. It was around 6:00 am his time when we were talking on the phone. We were talking about the awesome conference that we will be doing in March at his church and the great things we are expecting from God. In the middle of talking with him the Lord told me to go outside in the parking lot. The pastor had to also leave his home to go to the airport which always takes over twenty minutes to arrive at. When I was out in the parking lot, the visible glory cloud of God came around me with flashing twinkling lights and was very heavy and thick like dew in the morning air. Waves of the Spirit started coming down upon me and moving around and through me opening up into another realm of glory out in the parking lot. It was as if I was stepping into heaven physically, into another world and dimension, and into God Himself. I began to share with him things the Lord was doing and the signs and wonders we've been seeing the Holy Spirit doing lately and how we are going to be seeing even greater glory in the days ahead. My pastor friend was only in his car about five minutes when the next thing he knew he was arriving at the airport. He was TRANSPORTED by the HOLY SPIRIT!!! All of this caught him by surprise and he was perplexed and excited at the same time. He was telling me how they were starting to see healing miracles over the phone, but transportations is a whole different thing and another level of God's glory. I told him to look out the window, as God was showing me that his eyes were going to be opened and God was going to be showing him visible heavenly light shining down on him as he was under God's glory canopy. This began to happen and a whole lot more. What I didn't know was that it was completely overcast with clouds in the morning. When I saw the skies parting spiritually in a vision and the visible light of God's glory being shined through into this earthly atmosphere and realm, he then watched as a hole began to open up in the sky above him and got bigger and bigger. As the glory came and the heavens opened, it also caused the natural sky to open as well as a sign and a wonder in the heavens.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 17th December 2008.

{at 1.30 in} ... But then it opened up to a whole nother place. The Lord said: "I am going to begin to do in this place right here on this land, I am going to begin to heal this land. I am going to make it right in this place literally as it was prior to the fall. I am going to bring the restoration of all things as a token, as a prototype of what I want to do." ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2008.
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