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One Quote by: James P. Moreland of Talbot (Biola) School of Theology Distinguished Professor of Philosophy.

As you enter more and more deeply into progress in the way of Jesus, the Kingdom Triangle must be a the core of your life and (your church’s) strategy. The first leg provides a thoughtful sense of truth, knowledge, and direction to this approach to life; the second leg gives passion to the journey and allows one to lay aside baggage that gets in the way; the third leg provides the faith and confidence to risk more and more for God and expect him to actually be a coworker in the only sensible life plan available. This is what our culture needs… Don’t waste your life being preoccupied with things that don’t really matter. Join me in the revolution. This is your opportunity. Seize it and rejoice in it (p. 199).
Book: by J P Moreland entitled: Kingdom Triangle p199 Published: 5th May 2007.
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