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One Quote by: Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda of International Ministry Growing in Grace

Perhaps David, Jesus of Nazareth and Me. [Interviewer Ė So who are you?] I am Jesus Christ Man. So the second coming of Christ. [You believe that?] Not only do I believe that I have erm written proof. [What kind of proof?] Like in, in the Book of Hebrews it says that erm says that Jesus will appear a second time without relation to sin. He will do a church telling the church that sin is no longer. That 2000 years ago Jesus the Lamb of God took away sin and in 2000 years no one has bridged that, has told the people that sin is no longer in the church. Iím the first one in 2000 years that has proclaimed that sin was taken away 2000 years ago. [Thatís why you are Jesus Christ?] Not only that there are other proofs biblical proofs erm the Book of Romans it says er chapter 14 verse 9 says that Jesus died and was resurrected and came alive again to build the church. [But anybody can do that?] But not the way I do it. [What is so special about your message?] My message is based in the fourteen letters of Paul and in the gospel of the Old Circumcision.
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