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Ten Quotes by: Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka Senior Pastor.

What a great joy and honor it is to be here today giving honor to the distinguished faith leaders and to all those that are serving in capacity of religion and faith and making a tremendous difference. I am honored to participate in this historic interfaith prayer rally for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. I want to take a moment and honor, as well as encourage, Mother Moon for her great work as a spiritual leader who loves the LORD and seeks to carry out and to comfort the heart of God in all the areas of conflict in the world. She is truly a jewel from God.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th January 2022.

God clearly established in His Word that the principle of First Fruits must become a priority in our lives. When we are obedient there is a promise for us. And there is ONE who never breaks His promise – God! When you KEEP FIRST THINGS FIRST through faith and obedience, you turn God's promise into provision… Because He wants to see you succeed, The principle of “First Fruits” is God’s plan for us to prosper and be in health all year long! ... Your FIRST FRUITS Offering for 2019 WILL release you from your past and align your future for His blessing! I am decreeing and declaring 2019 will become a year of supernatural recovery and advancement, and I am agreeing with you now that with God all things are possible.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1st January 2019.

YOU are on the verge of complete breakthrough in every area of your life. Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally God has shown me that this is a season of victory for His people. As I went deeper in the Spirit the Lord revealed that before the breakthrough comes, certain things must be dealt with. Specifically, there must be a complete defeat of your enemies!
Emailled Newsletter sent on 10th July 2014. Dated: 16th July 2014

Your words are containers for power, and by the words you speak you frame your world!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th June 2012.
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By your words, you form your destiny - what you say within yourself determines the end promise of your life! Your future lives in your mouth!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th June 2012.
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I’m gonna teach you how powerful your praise is, and I’m gonna teach your enemy how big your God is. God’s not just gonna teach a lesson to you, He’s gonna teach a lesson to your enemy. Next time they come back or try to, they aren’t gonna come back. ‘Cuz they’re gonna get their butt beat so bad – they’re gonna be so defeated – that everybody’s gonna see.’ You’re gonna find out because God’s not gonna – God’s not gonna stop this enemy, He’s gonna eliminate it where there’s nothing left but dead bodies.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 19th September 2011.
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Now, get up and go to the phone! When God begins to speak to you dial that number on your screen. Don’t you miss this moment! … If you miss your moment you miss your miracle! … He’s {God’s} giving you a Rhema Word right now … The God that I serve is speaking to you right now! … And so the principle here is if I take for myself when it’s time to give to the kingdom I can bring a curse on myself… You will die! You will die unless you go to the phone and do what God says to do. …Don’t just listen to the Word of the Lord, you got to do the Word of the Lord! You will die! You will die unless you go to the phone and do what God says to do.

Jesus' hands were pierced for your total dominion. ... If you want dominion, and want to break the spirit of poverty, sickness, disease, generation curses, God really did this for you on Calvary.
Book: by Paula White entitled: The Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood Published: 2008.
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Anyone who tells you to deny your self is from Satan.
TBN Broadcast 10/30/07. Dated: 30th July 2007
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I want to get you this Communion set ... If you call the number on the screen right now I will rush to you this beautiful sterling silver Communion set ... Just $39.00 and you will get the Communion set and you will get my book, Restoration along with an audio teaching so you can see God's promises come to pass in your life.
Paula White Show. Dated: 11th March 2005
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