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Two Quotes by: Dan Allender of Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle

Sabbath must be pursued with delight What intrigues, amazes, tickles your fancy, delights your senses and casts you into an entirely new and unlimited world is the raw material of Sabbath (p. 28). Sabbath then is a fiction (p. 88) a day lived as if there was no sin (p. 88) a day of curiosity, coziness, and care (p. 89). It is a party (p. 103). We are to pretend and play on Sabbath as if the new heavens and earth were here (p. 110). Such pretense will require props which could include candles, using our finest china, or rituals such as Sabbath sex or a walk in the woods (p. 131).
Book: by Dan Allender entitled: Sabbath (part of the Ancient Practices series) Published: 2009.
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Our natural tendency is to push, work longer and strive. In a kind, compelling and beautiful voice Ruth Haley Barton invites us [in her book Sacred Rhythms] to listen to an inner pulse that can be heard only when we are quiet. The path is one that Ruth has walked with honesty and integrity. The fruit of her labor is a sweet call to know our lives need not be harried or harbor fruitless exhaustion.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: February 2006.

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