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One Quote by: Tisha Straup of Bethesda NW Wilfe of Ben Straup.

[1hr 41mins in] Jesus was communicating to the Pharisees that the Trinity, God the Father and the Son, the Shepherd and the Father, and what’s the one in the middle–it’s a parable of a woman with the lost coin, a woman searching for a lost coin. Jesus is not just giving a parable about God and sinners, He’s saying that God could be a woman, that the Holy Spirit, the Mother Heart of God, is searching for the lost coin like the Prodigal Father and the Good Shepherd. This enraged the Pharisees. They were so, they like, who do you, you think you’re like the Son of God and now you can say that God has a female side, that God can be like a woman searching for a lost coin? This was beyond anything they’d ever heard. It enraged them, it made them so angry.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th May 2020.
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