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Well, I was crucified that day and so was Benny Hinn. So thatís a part of the storyÖuh the world was crucified that day. So the world comes as part of the story and is crucified there on the cross with the Lord Jesus Christ. The world is personified as a human being, as a person, and is crucified with Christ and in Christ. Sin comes as person and makes a incredible speech and becomes part of Christ even as heís dying, and then comes the death himself, and they have quite an interaction between the two of them, the lord and death, the two great enemies that have never known defeat. And then the law is invited by the lord commanded to come there and heís part of the story. And the law is stern and unrelenting, and all of these rules and regulation 613 of them to be exact that are in the law of Moses, and the law is crucified with Jesus Christ, so is creation itself, so is Adamís race and just as the LordÖ and so is Benny Hinn. Ö just as the Lord is dying he takes them into his bosom and they die with him. And you know brother Benny they really did die that day, in the eyes of God the world is gone. You and I are having a problem here on earth because we are fettered to time and space, but the Lordís not. Heís already been there when itís all taken place. And He works from the viewpoint of the reality of all these things that have been crucified. You know it goes a little bit more than that. You and I canít here on this earth, grasp how incredibly free he has made us, he has actually done away with these things.
Benny Hinn?s interview with Gene Edwards on: This Is Your Day program. Dated: 27th April 2004
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