Clarice Fluitt Quotes

One Quote by: Clarice Fluitt of Eagle's Nest World Prayer and Training Center

The Word of the Lord would say: Behold the vanguard Behold the tugboat that is cutting through the ice of religious traditions through a hardening the understanding of the hearts of men will now vouch for the reality of the revelation of the finished work of Calvary. Behold, saith God: You have been equipped with cutting power, equipped to go through those traditions of man of men. You, says God, are pulling the church into the realms of glory. Behind you is a great ship which is laden with healing and deliverance and prosperity. This is the Word of the Lord to you, man of God. Arise kill and eat. No longer, no longer will they call unclean what I have called clean. {Spoken at Todd Bentley's commissioning} Dated: 23rd June 2008

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