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One Quote by: Don Nori of Destiny Image Publishers

A time is coming where there wonít be an Assembly of God, or a Church of God, or Lutherans, or Methodists, or Catholics, or Baptists or Pentecostals, or Evangelicals. . .there will be those who are part of Godís Church, and those who arenít. When that day comes, who will you be serving? Yourselfí? Or the God who doesnít care about the little pieces of paper we use to limit Him?. . Itís time to throw away the old doctrinal differences. Itís time to stop arguing over whoís wrong and whoís right. Itís time to stop thinking about ways to get more people "into" church. Itís time to show the world that God loves them.
Sourced from an article: Destiny Image Digest by Don Non. Dated: 1998
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