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Two Quotes by: Marty Cassady of Glory of Zion International

[26.20 in] And I just saw something in a hand and it looked like a steak tenderiser and it was like a mallet. It was like a mallet that began to pound some things into shape. There are some things which need to be pounded into shape. And there is, you know, the enemy doesn't just align himself with the way things should be and sometimes most all the time we are enforcers in this realm. This is our realm, our house, the earth is our house, the earth is our house, and Lord, we just say now: "We receive a new anointing ..."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th September 2015.

We are no longer to ask God to do what he put us here to do. Rather, it is a time to make clear declarations that will change the atmosphere of our nation.
Book: by C. Peter Wagner entitled: Open Memorandum Addressing the Twin Towers War Published: 14th September 2001.
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