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One Quote by: Marty Layton of Lifepointe International Ministries and Lifepointe Church P.

As I write this it is early morning, Monday July 18, 2016. The Lord showed me a vision of a formless dark demonic spirit that moved like a cloud of black smoke. It began to take form like a large black cat and pounced on me. I reached into my night stand, pulled out a gun and shot it in the head seven times, killing it, and the vision was over. ... As I prayed, asking the Lord to explain the vision to me, He said, "This is a spirit of assassination and murder that will try to pounce on the Republican National Convention, on the police officers, Donald Trump and the convention attendees. Tell my people to fast and pray for seven days using warfare prayers to take out this black cat murderous spirit."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th July 2016.
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