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Two Quotes by: Richard Riss of Zarephath Bible Institute, NJ.

What do I believe this signifies? Perhaps it is just the lavish abundance of a wonderful Father blessing His children. Perhaps it is a gold symbol of the year of Jubilee. Perhaps He is covering our ‘decay’ with His mercy, while reveal His increasing glory and building our faith. . .But one thing is for sure, a new wave and a new level of renewal has hit. . .I do know that gold is representative of the divine nature. I also know that, according to Scripture, we will be partakers of the divine nature. So this phenomenon could be a physical manifestation of the spiritual truth that we are becoming partakers of His divine nature.
Taken from an e-mail. Dated: 6th May 1999
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There seems to be a sovereign anointing where the Lord is giving gold teeth not only in conferences and churches, but also over the phone, in homes, and cars! Reports are coming in to us from all over the country and it's very exciting! This anointing is wonderfully transferable and it's for everyone, wherever you live! Take it! Give it away!
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