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My Little One, the time is at hand, and soon, when many will see a woman in the midst of this portal, in what most will still call Comet 17/P Holmes! Yes, they will see a woman and more clearly so, as the few remaining weeks pass, even the Woman, who wears the crown with twelve stars, this woman being you, My Child! Yes, you, Linda Newkirk, the true woman of Revelation 12, the very one, who has birthed My holy seed, who has mothered My manchild, and who has helped to make him ready to return home!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 17th November, 2007.
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My Dear Ones, I sought our Saviour for about six months in prayer, almost daily, as to whether reincarnation is true! Our Saviour not only told me that reincarnation is true, but also has given me confirmations in both visions and dreams about the veracity of reincarnation! It is absolutely true and if these, who claim otherwise sought the Lord as I sought Him about this very truth, they would also know that reincarnation is true!
Sourced from DVD Dated: 2nd June 2005.
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About six months after my husband and I married I heard someone speaking to me in meditation. A great peace enfolded me with the presence of this voice. In short time I could see this person. He identified himself as the prophet, Moses. His countenance was of white light radiance. He was dressed in white and had a long, white beard. At first, I was frightened. Was this really Moses and if he were why did he pick me?
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 1991.
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