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One Quote by: Darlene Bishop of Solid Rock Church, Monroe Co-pastor.

So our churches are full of people who have no idea how to pray. Did you hear me? Have no idea how to pray. I can remember, just a few weeks ago, I called on a Wednesday night for our church' I said: "I want everybody here who will, we are going to fast till Saturday. Three days we are going to fast. We are going to come in here on a Saturday morning and we are going to have a travailing service and we are going to travail until we birth something in the spirit." I remember I was over in the children's area and I was laying behind the sound board, I was laying there and I was beginning to pray and I began to feel the spirit of travail come upon me. I know that this is foreign to a lot of you {and the Bible!} but I believe in these last days this is something that is going to come back to the church. You see where there is no real there is an imitation ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th February 2007.
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