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Two Quotes by: Taffie Furr of Revelation of Jesus Christ Ministries

God Spoke in My Bathroom, "THE TIME OF ACCELERATION IS AT HAND!" ... My bathroom is one of the places in the house where I spend a lot of time in prayer and worship. In fact, I spend so much time in there being in the presence of the Lord, that often times I can just walk into that room and immediately hear His voice speaking insight and revelation to me. It makes sense to me that if the Lord was going to grab my attention by disrupting the time on a clock, it would be the clock in that particular room. ... the Lord said to me, "The time of acceleration is at hand."
God Spoke in My Bathroom,. Dated: 26th March 2008
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God says, ... I peel back every layer to see clearly into the innermost hidden place of the heart. I see with a perfect vision. I beckon unto you, My Church, let Me take you into the season of mature and ripened fruit in My house. I am calling forth the Bride that is perfected in My ways of love. Do not be discouraged, My Bride, even in this you are growing and moving along in the swiftness of My Spirit. I have seen your willingness, and as your understanding increases, you shall shine more brightly and increase in Kingdom power. It's in the understanding of My love, to love.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2ist February 2008.
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