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Five Quotes by: Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism Founder and President.

What a precious brother, we love you brother. Tomorrow morning we are talking about a new economic order, the case to the elimination of systemic corruption and I want to give you advanced warning, God has chosen you to be the implementer of this new world order and I say in my book that Uganda is poised to be the first nation to be transformed.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th October 2010.

The Church now has been placed potentially in the control of the heavenly places once ruled by the prince of the power of the air. But this reconstituted church must engage and defeat the enemy and retake the heavenlies in the name of her Lord, so that the eyes of those still being held captive by Satan will be opened.
Book: by Ed Silvoso entitled: That None Should Perish?, How to Reach Entire Cities for Christ through Prayer Evangelism (Regal: Ventura CA 1994), p. 195. Published: 1994.
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Because Adam, God's deputy on earth, transfered his legal dominion to Satan, God became obligated to recognize Satan's legal standing.
Book: by Ed Silvoso entitled: That None Should Perish­How to Reach Entire Cities for Christ through Prayer Evangelism Published: 1994.

Well, we find the Toronto blessing in every city we go to. I believe that it is a blessing indeed. ... the Toronto blessing has to be kicked out of the church - kicked out of the church into the world! If in each neighbourhood prayerhouse, there is a manifestation of Jesus, which I believe in its purest form that's what the Toronto blessing is, then the entire neighbourhood will flock to that house.
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Countries can be redeemed. Entire cultures can be brought to "salvation". The land itself can be healed. ... And such miraculous change is brought about by one primary avenue: God working through the market place. ... The primary means to true revival, though, takes place first in the market place.
Business Reform Interview. Dated: no date given
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