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Four Quotes by: T B Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) TB =Temitope Bolegun.

... [1.35] I saw the blood of Jesus and very near to me the arms of Jesus, the blood was coming out of it and this blood as it coming out the water, it was dropping inside the water and it literally dropped and it formed water. The blood - you expected the blood - the blood when it dropped inside the water it would change the colour of the water. Now this colour was the colour of the water. The red blood was dropped inside the pool and this pool was as the blood dropped the pool was clean. The pool had become poor, pure, pure, pure. I keep asking God why? This is blood and when the blood drop inside the water, the water has to change colour. That's the power just gushing out, gushing out, gushing out and Jesus, he once said to me "This pool is the pool he want to give me to give to the whole world." ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th April 2013.
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In a week I deliver contrary spirit carriers (Ogbanjes), witches and wizards (about 1000 of them). They are not ordinary human beings. Some are half human and half fish. So if you eat fish you cannot deliver them.
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Those ministers of God who go about condemning me rather than preaching the Gospel they are sent to preach, are doing themselves a great harm. The more they condemn me, the lesser their anointing become. Go round the country today and see what is happening. Those men of God who used to perform great signs and wonder have lost their anointing because of their blasphemies.
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It is not possible for a single person to be working outstanding miracles, signs and wonders which millions of other Nigerians cannot do and for such a person to be an agent of Satan. They - the Godís generals - should combine forces and deliver such a satanic person or get rid of him.
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