R J McCowan Quotes

Two Quotes by: Dr. R J McCowan of Pneuma Christian Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee

[2.06 in] If we don't honor what God has designed for us to honor, we are not going to benefit from the power of God. Because once you begin to embrace the "Law of Honor" then you have the benefit of the power of God in your household, in your life and so forth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th July 2013.

Wasn't that an awesome Word from God. ... If you want these things, these blessings, you have to get in the game. You have to get in the Kingdom by knowing Jesus Christ. Lets bow our heads and pray to receive Jesus if you are not in the game.
Pneuma Christian Center 16th October 2008. Dated: 16th October 2008
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