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Two Quotes by: Casey Treat of Christian Faith Center, Mill Creek and Federal Way, Washington

... many of us struggle with the same issues and sin as the world around us and much of that struggle is rooted in negative self-esteem. ...
Book: by Casey Treat entitled: How To Be Your Best When You Are Feeling Your Worst, p 234 Published: 2008.
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The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost had a conference and they said, 'Let us make man an exact image of us.' Is that what the Bibe says? Oh! I don't know about you but that does turn my crank! An exact duplicate of God! Come on say it! I'm an exact duplicate of God. Say it again; I'm an exact duplicate of God ... yell it out, shout it. When God looks in the mirror He sees me. You know, sometime people say to me when they are mad and want to put me down ... they say: 'You just think you are a little you are a little God!' Thank you! Hallelujah! You got that right! 'Who do you think you are? Jesus?' Yep! Are you listening to me? Are you kids running around here like gods? Why not? Since I'm an exact duplicate of God I am going to act Like God.
Sourced from a tape: Believing in Yourself, Tape 2, Seattle Christian Faith Center Dated: 2005
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