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Two Quotes by: Mike Jacobs of Generals International Husband of Cindy Jacobs.

Even before that I gave some dreams that revealed some of the satanic attack instances. I think its a type for what God wanting to show us today. Listen it's really important. God's getting ready if he hasn't already. He getting ready to involve the angelic and rolling back the forces of evil that are resisting you. So this is really important. ... The angel said, "These four vortexes were really demons; they were vortexes of demons that were assigned to hold back the resources that we needed and he said, "Some resources have been able to get through and penetrate this but most of your resources are on the other side of these demonic vortexes". And we knew from that that God had to move.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th July 2010.
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... {2.40 minutes in} What I began to realise is that there are scripture principles about the Body of Christ or those who are in covenant with God that go clear back to the Old Testament but there are scripture references that talk about God giving covenant people the power to get wealth to establish his covenant. Those last couple of words are really important: the "establishes his covenant" part sets the context for why he wants you to be wealthy. Do you understand that? {No} ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th February 2009.

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